The Evidence Is Clear

The universe is lifeless.
Dead in the extreme.
Has been since the big bang.
Yet here is life!
A giant redwood reaches.
A wild mustang races.
An eagle soars.
The lifeless universe must contain the potential for life.
The earth is a realization of that potential.
Life erupts out of utter lifelessness.
The evidence is clear.

Life is meaningless.
No purpose whatsoever.
None since the first life appeared in earth's oceans.
Yet here is meaning!
A mother nursing her newborn.
Meaning absolutely radiates from them.
We palpably feel it.
Meaningless life must contain the potential for meaning.
Humankind is a realization of that potential.
Meaning erupts out of utter meaninglessness.
The evidence is clear.

We are completely surrounded
With somethings erupting out of utter somethinglessness.
A cause for open-mouthed wonder!
A reason for joyful celebration!
Pause and take a moment to look around.
The evidence is clear.

Copyright © 2008 by Paul Hanke